Ultrasol® SOP - SQM Specialty Plant Nutrition
Ultrasol SOP

•A fully water-soluble crystalline potassium (K) and sulphur (S) source.

•Applied in fertigation of soil-grown crops during maturation phase, supplying part of the potassium without nitrogen.

•In hydroponic systems Ultrasol® SOP is applied in the first place as sulphate source for crops that require high amounts of sulphur.

Información técnica
Potassium oxide (K2O): 51.5%
Sulphur (S): 18.7%
Solubility (g/l at 20°C): 124
Insolubles: <0.05%
EC (mS/cm at 25°C): 1.5
pH (1%): 2.4
*Disponible en: United States