Ultrasol Magnum P44. Water soluble fertilizer with dry and strong acid
Ultrasol Magnum P44

Ultrasol® Magnum P44 is a unique product, because it is the only dry, strong acid in crystalline form. Thanks to its acidic action, Ultrasol® Magnum P44 considerably increases the absorption of nutrients from the soil. Ultrasol® Magnum P44 contains 18% nitrogen (N) y 44% phosphorous (P2O5). As it is both 100% water soluble and a strong acidifier, it contributes to an optimal nutrient distribution, prevents the blocking of irrigation systems and improves the nutrient uptake efficiency. 

  • Ultrasol® Magnum P44 is a dry acid does not have the handling hazards wich are often associated with liquid acids.
  • Due to its acidifying nature, Ultrasol® Magnum P44 is particularly suitable for calcareous and alkaline soil conditions.
  • Under normal conditions no extra acid treatment is required if Ultrasol® Magnum P44 or Ultrasol® Magnum P44 based water soluble NPKs are applied.
  • The acidity of Ultrasol® Magnum P44 helps to prevent blockage of pipes and nozzles of the irrigation system, which particularly might occur in hard water. Hard water is high in calcium and magnesium, which are mainly present as calcium and magnesium bicarbonates and carbonates.
Información técnica
Ureic Nitrogen (N): 18%
Phosphorous pentoxide (P2O5): 44%
Phosphorous (P): 19,2%
Solubility: > 99,8%
Moisture content: < 0,3%
EC (1 g/l at 25°C, en mS/cm): 1,51
pH (solution al 1%): 1,8
pH (solution al 0,05%): 2,8
Colour: White
Form: Crystaline, odourles
Recommendation:Acidifying / Neutralizing of Bicarbonates: 1 g/l of Magnum P44 neutralize 6.4 mMol of HCO3
*Disponible en: United States