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Ultrasol micro Rexene FeXQ58

Ultrasol® micro Rexene® FeXQ58

•Ultrasol® micro Rexene® FeXQ58 is a stable, water-soluble and non-dusting iron source chelated by HBED and EDDHA.

•The  HBED and EDDHA chelation protects the Fe from fixation in the soil, making it available for the plant. This is especially important in alkaline and calcareous conditions where correction or prevention of iron deficiency is needed to optimize plant yield and quality. 

•The strong chelation provides an effect of extended availability, which offers a more continuous availability for a wide range of vegetables and trees.

•Typical Fe content of  5.8%, of which 4.0% as Fe-HBED ortho-ortho isomer, and 1.8% as Fe-EDDHA ortho-ortho isomer.

•Stable within pH 3.5-12.

Solubility in water 75g/l (for practical use).

*Disponible en: Australia