Ultrasol® micro Rexene® FeD6

    Ultrasol® micro Rexene® FeD6

    •Ultrasol® micro Rexene® FeD6 is a stable, liquid source of iron-DTPA chelate developed for prevention of iron deficiency, in a wide range of applications.

    •Recommended for recirculated nutrient solutions: free of sodium (Na), chloride (Cl) and sulphate (SO4).

    •Typical iron (Fe) content is 6,1% as fully chelated, high grade DTPA.

    •Physical appearance as clear red-brown liquid with a density of 1,30 g/ml and a crystallization point lower than -10°C.

    •Miscibility with water at any desired ratio.

    •pH stability 1,5-7,5.

    *Disponible en: United States