Ultrasol® Magnum Phoscal - SQM Specialty Plant Nutrition
Ultrasol Magnum Phoscal

Ultrasol® Magnum Phoscal

•Ultrasol® Magnum Phoscal is a strong acidic, high P, Ca and N source for fertigation in soil-grown crops.

• It increases the nutrient availability in the soil solution, improves the nutrient uptake efficiency, and helps to prevent the blocking of irrigation systems.

• It is very suitable for calcareous and alkaline soil conditions and can be used throughout the entire growth cycle of soil-grown crops under fertigation

•It's very low in chloride, sodium and heavy metals, free-flowing, fine crystalline powder

Información técnica
Total nitrogen content (N): 10.0% minimum
Ureic nitrogen (N): 10.0% minimum
Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5): 50.0% minimum, soluble in water
Phosphorus (P): 18.7% minimum, soluble in water
Calcium oxide (CaO): 10.0% minimum
Calcium (Ca): 7.1% minimum
Insolubles: < 0.1%
CE (1 g/l at 25ºC, in mS/cm): 0.87
pH (1 - 10 % solution): 2.2
pH (0.1 % solution): 2.6
Acidity: 4.3 mmole H+/gram
Bicarbonate neutralizing power: 4.3 mmole HCO3-/gram262 ppm HCO3-/gram
Form: Crystalline, odourless powder
Colour: White
*Disponible en: Australia