Ultrasol® Crop Hydroponica - SQM Specialty Plant Nutrition
Ultrasol Crop Hydroponica

Ultrasol® Crop Hydroponica

•Concept  = 2 pillars  :

1.Crop Specific water-soluble NPKs (Ultrasol Crop Hydroponica)

2.Software-guided crop specific nutrient solutions generated by Hydroponica CalQ.

•Cost efficient solution to minimize crop failure and income loss : full crop cycle nutrient requirement covered  with only 2 to 3 Ultrasol fertilizers

  • Ultrasol® Cucumber Hydroponica 10.8-3.8-31.5 +1.4Mg +TE

  • Ultrasol® Tomato Hydroponica 7.5-39-32.3 +2.1Mg +TE

  • Ultrasol® Flower Hydroponica 10.2-5-28.2 +1.5Mg +TE

  • Ultrasol® Strawberry Hydroponica 9.7-4.8-29.7 +1.7Mg +TE

  • Ultrasol® Lettuce Hydroponica 7.8-4.2-33.7 +1Mg +TE


*Disponible en: United States