Foliar potassium nitrate sprays for increased fruit size of ‘Patharnakh’ pear

The aim of the study was to improve size and quality of ‘Patharnakh’ pear fruits through foliar sprays of potassium fertilizers at Punjab Agricultural University in India. The sixteen-year-old plants were sprayed with KNO3 and K2SO4 at 1,0, 1,5 and 2,0% in three sets, i.e., one, two and three sprays. First spray was given at 15 days, second at 30 days and third at 45 days after full bloom. Results showed that foliar potassium application significantly improved the fruit size as compared to control. Similarly, the number of K sprays had a positive effect on final fruit size. Maximum fruit size was recorded with three sprays of KNOat 1,5 per cent. Soluble solids were increased with various potassium treatments and number of applications.


Gill, P. P. S., M. Y. Ganaie, W. S. Dhillon, and N. P Singh. 2012. Effect of foliar sprays of potassium on fruit size and quality of ‘Patharnakh’pear. Indian Journal of Horticulture, 69(4): 512-516.

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