The relationship between the degree of mobility and boron deficiency


Boron is a plant nutrient whose translocation within the plant is rather limited. Its deficiency symptoms are exhibited, therefore, principally in the young leaves and the growing shoot points. These symptoms are classified into the following phenological manners: A.) Curly leaves, e.g. in citrus, tomato, potato, almond, avocado and banana; B.) Short stems' internodes plus abundant lateral flowering, e.g. in tomato, bell-pepper, potato and avocado; C.) Fibrous, weak and cracked stems and apical necrosis, e.g. in grapevine, citrus, tomato and avocado; D.) Malformed fruits, e.g. in grapevine, citrus, tomato, Bell-pepper, almond, avocado and banana; E.) Necrotic root tips, e.g. in potato. Generally, depending on crop species, more than one symptom, or syndrome, will show simultaneously.

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