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Higher use of Qrop® KS increases performance and quality of the mexican banana

A series of banana nutrition experiments was conducted in Tapachula Municipality in the Mexican state of Chiapas, an important Mexican bananas growth region of 18,000 hectares. Current growers' practice is based on granular urea, DAP and KCl, supplying 400-100-350 kg/ha, of N-P2O5-K2O, respectively. These experiments produced clear-cut results, showing that increasing the K2O rate to 750 kg/ha, whereby 50% of it, applied as Qrop®KS (prilled NOP), resulted in statistically significantly higher pseudostem (banana plant's trunk) diameter. Moreover, 27% higher yields per hectare, were registered, thanks to increased number of 'hands' and 'fingers' per bunch. These were translated to 15% more produce packing cases, compared to farmers' practice. Additionally, better post-harvest fruit quality was obtained, thanks to a more aesthetic presentation at the final domestic and export markets. In addition, the said enhances K rate, produced lower post-harvest fruit loss by fruit bruises and scars, and bunch neck damages.

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