Qrop® KS

Qrop® KS is a potassium source that provides rapidly absorbed nitrate-nitrogen, the plant’s preferred nitrogen source. This makes Qrop® KS the product of choice in achieving best yields. Qrop® KS prills have a superior sturdiness. They perform better during abrasion and impact tests, which results in less product loss during handling and logistics. With a size guide number of 270-290 this prill is ideal for blending with other fertilizers. Qrop® KS is changing the game in the market of bulk blending, because it is a chloride free source of potassium and a safe to handle nitrate-nitrogen source.

Información técnica
Nitric nitrogen (N-NO3): 12,8 %
Potassium oxide (K2O): 46,3 %
Sulphur trioxide (SO3): 1,7%
Chloride (Cl): < 2 %
Physical appearance: Prill
Size guide number (SGN): 270-290
Color: Pink
*Disponible en: United States