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Qrop KN

Qrop® KN is a nutritional source produced starting from natural raw materials quarried in the northern regions of Chile through an environmentally friendly process.

SQM’s Qrop® KN is changing the game in the bulk blending market- offering up a superior source of chloride-free potassium and safe handling nitrate-nitrogen. Its consistent size, compatibility, and reliable supply give bulk blenders and their farmer customers a new tool for success as they face tomorrow’s challenges.

Información técnica
Total of Nitrate Nitrogen (N-NO3): 12%
Total of Potassium Oxide (K2O): 46%
Total of Sulfate (SO4): 2%
Bulk Density (lb/ft3): 78.7
Angle of Repose (°): 28°- 30°
Chloride (Cl): < 2.0%
SGNAppearence: 280Pink Prills
*Disponible en: United States
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