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lnternational technical expertise

By 2030, we aspire to be publicly associated with the world’s green industries and, in consequence, we have advanced in pursuit of this transformation in sustainability through some of the following initiatives:

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DNV is a classification society and advisor for the maritime industry. They deliver testing, certification and technical advisory. They’re one of the world’s leading certification bodies, helping businesses assure the performance of their organizations, products, people, facilities and supply chains.

DNV Chile Spa. (DNV) was commissioned by SQM to provide a limited assurance third party verification for the carbon footprint for fertilizer products in August 2021. The carbon footprint was determined considering the requirements from ISO 14067:2018 and the GHG Protocol Initiative.

See SQM’s certificate here:
DNV Certificate

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The International Fertilizer Industry Association (IFA) certified SQM's commitment to responsible, safe product management, which includes aspects such as quality, health, occupational safety, industrial and environmental safety throughout the different stages of the product life cycle. For this certification, the IFA SHE principles align with SQM’s Sustainable Development Policy. This is essential to meeting the standards set forth in the Protect & Sustain program. SQM's certified areas include production, product development and delivery of fertilizers at the Salar de Atacama, Coya Sur, Antofagasta, Santiago and Port of Tocopilla operations. The IFA Protect & Sustain recertification audit was conducted in 2019, and we received the Stewardship Excellence qualification, which is valid for three years.

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Potect & Sustain - IFA SQM Certificate

Logo Ecovadis

Ecovadis is a sustainability ratings provider that uses a methodology based on international standards, including the United Nations Global

Compact Global Reporting Initiative and ISO 26000. With this certification, we commit to contributing to better sustainability performance through 21 indicators across four main pillars: environment, labor and human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement. We currently hold a Silver medal, which corresponds to the top 25%.

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Ecovadis Certificate


The Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance (IRMA) standard provides a framework for developing responsible processes in our value chain throughout the mining life cycle. We have begun by conducting an exhaustive self-assessment to identify the level of alignment and design of our work plan. This standard contributes to an analysis in 26 areas and their requirements based on four principles: Business integrity, planning for positive legacies (legacies for society), social responsibility and environmental responsibility. We began our self-assessment in 2020 in the Salar de Atacama operations with the help of external consultants. The goal was to identify our gaps and prepare for the formal auditing process for this exhaustive standard. Furthermore, in March 2021 we were accepted as Pending Members of IRMA, which ratifies our commitment to and belief in the principles that the standard promotes.

Logo Cool Farm

In 2020, SQM had the opportunity to become a member of Cool Farm Alliance. This alliance brings together farmers, NGOs and multinational food suppliers to promote agricultural practices that mitigate GHG emissions. The Cool Farm Tool quantifies on-farm greenhouse gas emissions and soil carbon sequestration and enable millions of growers globally to make more informed on-farm decisions that reduce their environmental impact.

They also have the Cool Farm Tool which allows farmers to measure carbon, have a quantitative scoring of whole farm management, crop irrigation requirements and blue and green footprints.


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CDP is a not-for-profit organization that holds a dataset on environmental action. The insights gathered by CDP are fuels and tracks the global economy’s progress toward a zero-carbon, water-secure, and deforestation-free world.

The CDP Score Report allows companies to understand their score and indicate which categories require attention to reach higher scoring levels. This enables companies to progress towards environmental stewardship through benchmarking and comparison with peers, in order to continuously improve their climate governance. Investors will additionally receive a copy of the CDP Score Report upon request.

SQM received a B which is in the Management band. This is higher than the South America regional average of C, and same as the Chemicals sector average of B.

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CDP Report SQM

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For over 160 years, S&P Global provides essential intelligence, delivering data, research, credit ratings, benchmarks and ESG solutions that governments, companies and individuals depend on to make decisions with conviction.

Every year they publish “The Sustainability Yearbook” – 2022’s Yearbook considered over 7,500 companies assessed in the 2021 Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA). This page provides the ranking of the 700+ companies selected for this year’s Yearbook based on their S&P Global ESG Scores calculated from the CSA.

This year SQM was included in The Sustainability Yearbook.

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S&P Global certificate

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In 2020, SQM joined the evaluation of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for the first time, qualifying for both the DJSI Chile index and the DJSI MILA Pacific Alliance index, ranking among the five most sustainable companies in Chile.

This evaluation highlights improvements in the performance of indices such as corporate governance, environmental policy management and human capital development, in line with SQM's sustainability goals. With a total score of 74/100, SQM is positioned within the top 5% of the global chemical industry, thanks to substantial improvements in the economic, social and environmental dimensions.

Given the positive advances recorded in this latest measurement, SQM's next goal is to reduce gaps and move towards inclusion in DSJI World and DJSI EM to continue contributing to the construction of a sustainable future.

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Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes certificate