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Optimal nutritional balance for high crop yields

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Water use efficiency

SQM's specialty products contribute to a higher water use efficiency. A right crop nutrition allows the plant to absorb nutrients in an adequate way, which leads it to require less water. Our focus is to promote the development of a technified agriculture and our portfolio's main specialty products seek to deliver the necessary nutrients in every drop of water to achieve a better performance and a superior quality. In addition, our potassium nitrate-based products help to reduce salinity accumulation, which eliminates the need for additional irrigation to remove salts from the soil.

How Potassium Nitrate can improve water use efficiency?

Improves the plant's water management:

Nitrate-fed plants utilize water twice as efficient as ammonium-fed plants.

Prevents water loss:

Potassium is responsible for opening and closing of stomata. Adequate potassium supply optimizes plant transpiration and reduces its water requirement.

Increases water uptake efficiency:

Adequate potassium nutrition of the plant enhances its water sourcing efficiency from the soil.

Prevents undesirable salinization of the root zone:

Application of potassium nitrate as main K-source eliminates the need for additional irrigation to remove undesirable salts from the root zone.

Optimal nutritional balance for high crop yields

A good nutritional balance is essential for the optimal development of plants. The selection of the right source of nutrients and their application rate is very important, as well as the best place at the right time, which ultimately leads us to optimize nutrient management, improve crop yield and contribute to the preservation of the natural ecosystems. That is why, at SQM, we take great care to understand our customers' needs, developing nutritional programs adapted to their reality, which makes it possible to produce sustainable crops, increase efficiency and reduce nutrient losses in the soil with the lowest environmental impact.

Solutions of natural origin

As SQM's products are natural derived, they have unique characteristics that consistently contribute to protect the environment. The Atacama Desert has high solar radiation levels and high evaporation rates, which allows our productive process to be efficient in the concentration of nutrients throughout the year. Our main product potassium nitrate contributes to higher crop yields and quality.

lnternational technical expertise

We are strongly committed to the development of a solid agricultural future. We have a network of agronomic experts around the world, who are constantly investigating the particularities of each crop, accompanying the evolution of the markets with new technologies, formulas and applications. We will continue to carry out research and trials, seeking to continuously improve our product portfolio to meet the growing demand and requirements of the markets, always considering the importance of contributing to the sustainable growth of agriculture.