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Niche mangos conquering the U.S.

Out of the three main mango varieties produced in 5,000 hectares dedicated in Ecuador to this fruit, the Ataulfo variety represents 17% of the crop in the area. Out of the other two, Tommy Atkins represents 62% and Kent, 14%. The producers know quite well that their future depends on the final customer (which is nearly always in the U.S.) receiving an impeccable product with an optimal size. Several researchers are developing mango varieties that are tastier and sweeter, and some producers in Ecuador are investing in the Ataulfo or “Honey Mango” niche variety. The producers of a farm I visited in Daular, Ecuador, are committed to optimize the fruit set and fruit development of their mangos to reach an ideal size. I have found a similar challenge in China, India, Mexico and Costa Rica. The solution follows the same pattern in all these places: analyze, compare and modify. After studying the soil characteristics and the nutrition plan of the Daular plantation, we decided to change the ratio between nitrogen and potassium and replace the ammoniacal nitrogen for nitric nitrogen. With this new formula, we achieved an increased fruit set and the necessary size to be exported. SQM’s products used?: Ultrasol® K instead of SOP and urea.