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Greenhouse bell peppers: raising the mark in Querétaro

Many activities can stop due to various events of force majeure, but not the food chain that enables to sustain the homes of the world. We are quite aware in SQM and we never stop supporting those who grow food. Recently, I visited a Mexican company located in Querétaro, two hours away from México City. This company is dedicated to the production of yellow, orange and red Bell Peppers for export to Canada.

My visit to this place (a high-tech, 180 hectares complex) arose from the need to check the results of a project of several months with them: to improve the yield of their peppers, which was already quite high. In effect, most of the pepper growers in México and other places in the world show yields between 18 kg/m2 and 25 kg/m2, and these are regarded as good. Since they works with the highest technology, their yield was 25 kg/m2. And we expected to achieve 30 kg/m2. Our plan consisted in boosting the absorption of potassium via KNO3 (with Ultrasol NKS Plus) in fertigation.

Although we were always certain that we were applying the plan correctly, only the harvest would have the last word. Months went by and the time for measuring arrived. We had achieved our goal: 30 kg/m2.

This time I learned that, when our plans can be supported by scientific and field studies, it is worth to add an extra dose of ambition and push the limits of what we know.