Yield of Capsicum increased with increased nitrate fertilization under salinity

The effects of salinity due to sodium chloride (NaCl) and nitrogen concentration in the nutrient solution were studied with sweet pepper plants (Capsicum annum cv. Largo de Reus). Capsicum plants were cultivated under greenhouse conditions in containers of 18 liters using crushed volcanic rock as inert media for cultivation. In the nutrient solution four levels of salinity were achieved by addition of 0, 25, 50 and 100 meq/l of NaCl and two levels of N fertilization by addition of 2 and 15 meq/l of nitrate (calcium nitrate and potassium nitrate). The nitrate fertilization had a positive effect on the content of N and K in leaves and decreased the concentration of Na in leaves. The highest N treatments with potassium nitrate and calcium nitrate resulted in increased yield levels.



Gómez, I., J. Navarro Pedreño, R. Moral, M.R. Iborra, G. Palacios and J. Mataix. 1996. Salinity and nitrogen fertilization affecting the macronutrient content and yield of sweet pepper plants. Journal of Plant Nutrition, 19(2): 353-359.

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