Sprays with potassium nitrate increased fruit size of ‘ Valencia ’ and ‘ Shamouti ’ orange

One foliar spray in “Valencia” and “Shamouti” orange was conducted respectively 6 and 8 weeks after flowering. Spraying 20 ppm 2,4-D (auxin) + 5% KNO3 increased fruit size by 8-20% for “Shamouti” and 8-25% for “Valencia” compared to the control. Potassium nitrate also increased significantly the juice acid level in “Shamouti” orange by 15%. Spraying with KNO3 was more efficient than spraying K2SO4 in increasing fruit size per 1000 distributed fruits (Figure 1).

Sprays with potassium nitrate increased fruit size of orange

Figure 1. Effect of foliar sprays on % extra packed boxes (untreated control=0%).



Erner, Y., Y. Kaplan, B. Artzi, and M. Hamou. 1993. Increasing citrus fruit size using Auxins and potassium. Acta Horticulturae 329: 112-119.

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