Preharvest treatments including potassium nitrate improved yields and quality of litchi

In this study in South Africa preharvest treatments were tested with commercial practice to improve yield, fruit size, weight and quality attributes of litchi cv. ‘Maritius’. The experiment was conducted in two growing seasons in a 20 year old litchi orchard on a sandy Hutton soil. The basic orchard program (control treatment) was compared with five foliar treatments. Four out of five treatments consisted of one or more KNO3 foliar sprays during flowering and/or fruitlet stage. All treatments produced statistically significantly higher yields than the control plot in both seasons, even as the fruit weight and fruit size. The fruit K content and the SSC/TA ratio showed significant changes in all the treatments compared to the control.


Cronje, R. B., D. Sivakumar, P.G. Mostert and L. Korsten. 2009. Effect of different preharvest treatment regimes on fruit quality of litchi cultivar ‘Maritius’. Journal of Plant Nutrition, 32(1): 19-29.