Potassium nitrate sprays resulted in more and larger-sized ‘Valencia’ oranges per tree

A three years study of foliar nutrient sprays in “Valencia” orange was performed to investigate the effects of foliar application on the number of fruits per tree, total soluble solids production and fruit yield. Three sprays with 23kg KNO3/ha/ spray (1% conc.) were applied at the following stages: pre-bloom (February), post-bloom (April) and during fruit fill (mid July to mid-August). KNO3 sprays increased the number of fruits per tree, the total soluble solids production, fruit yield and consequently the gross income of the farmer, compared to the untreated control treatment (Figure 1).

IPotassium nitrate sprays resulted orangesFigure 1. Increases (%) of yield parameters and gross income after 3 applications with 23kg KNO3/ha/spray (1% concentration).



Boman, B.J. 2001. Foliar nutrient sprays influence yield and size of ‘Valencia’ orange. Proc Fla State Hort Soc. 114: 83-88.

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