Potassium nitrate sprays increased peach fruit weight

KNO3, Potassium nitrate sprays increased peach fruit weight

In a commercial peach orchard in northern Greece the effect of various foliar products was studied.

The 12 years old trees of the cultivar ‘Andross’ were grown at a clay loam soil. The experiment was repeated for three years with five replications of eleven treatments. Three foliar sprays (with 10 day interval) for each treatment were applied before stage two of the fruit development (before pit hardening).

Foliar application of all calcium products plus boron did not affect mean fruit weight compared to the control. Sprayings with Potassium Nitrate, KNO3 (3 kg per 1000 kg water) increased fruit weight significantly (Table 1).

The K, Potassium, concentration of leaves was statistically significantly increased in all three years with KNO3 foliar applications.

Table 1. Effect of foliar applied potassium nitrate on peach fruit weight.


Sotiropoulos,T., I. Therios and N. Voulgarakis. 2010. Effect of various foliar sprays on some fruit quality attributes and leaf nutritional status of the peach cultivar ‘Andross’. Journal of Plant Nutrition, 33(4): 471-484.

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