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Mango phenological phases and their nutrition requirements

 The following plan is suggested to achieve the mentioned requirements, for a mango orchard, e.g. cv. "Tommy Atkins", with an expected yield of 20-25 MT/ha, by drippers fertigation, growing on slightly acidic soil, with appreciable (>20%) share of textural clay. Application rates are expressed as g/tree, and in case of foliar feeding– in terms of g/100L water sprayed. Adjustments can be made considering leaf analysis.

Potassium nitrate (predominantly Ultrasol®) should be used as the primary source of potassium, and a partial source of nitrogen. The balance of nitrogen should be sourced from calcium nitrate (e.g. Ultrasol® Calcium) and ammonium sulphate. Phosphorus recommended source is Ultrasol® Magnum P44, and Soil-Qrop® MAP. Mg– from Soil-Ultrasol® Magsul, which can serve also for S application, along with Soil-Qrop® SOP.

The following SQM products are recommended for the aforementioned applications:

  • Fe: Ultrasol® Micro Rexene FeQ 48
  • B: Speedofol® B SP
  • Mn: Ultrasol® Micro Rexene Mn 15
  • Zn: Ultrasol® Micro Rexene Zn 15
  • Cu: Ultrasol® Micro Rexene Cu 15
  • Mo: Speedofol® Mo

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