Get to know potassium nitrate in citrus nutrient management


  • KNO3 increases marketable yields of larger-sized fruit with intense color, both applied as foliar spray or in fertigation.
  • KNO3 improves tree health and boosts tree's defensas against frost and harmful diseases like HLB (citrus greening).
  • Nitrate nitrogen and potassium in KNO3 are immediately available for direct uptake by the tree.

Fast acting, naturally-derived potassium nitrate improves nutrient and water use efficiency in specialty crops. 
lt is easy to mix, and is compatible with most nutrition programs. 

High-quality, consistently formulated KNO3 from SQM is readily available and backed by agronomic research validating its ability to help growers maintain productivity and maximize marketable yield. 

• Increased fruit weight and size
• lmproved peel color
• Reduced peel defects (splitting, creasing)
• More sugars and higher vitamin C content

• Quicker recovery of weakened trees
• Improved nutrient and water use efficiency
• lncreased ability to withstand stressors
• More flowers and fruits per tree

• KNO3 is the only K-source that does not cause salt stress
• Synergism between K+ and NO3- ensures uptake
• lmproved solubility
• Better tank mix compatibility

KNO3 maximizes citrus yield and profitability 
University of Florida research demonstrates that a KNO3-based fertilizer program including three foliar applications of KNO3 at a rate of 25 lbs/A/spray applied pre-bloom (mid-February), post-bloom (April) and at fruit fill (July/August) increased yield and size of fresh market 'Valencia' orange when compared to an untreated control. Both the KNO3 based program and control program received standard recommended soil fertilizer applications 3 to 4 times throughout the season. 

* 1 box = 90 lbs 
**gross return based on fresh fruit market value
Source: boman, b.j. 2001. foliar nutrient sprays influence yield and size of 'Valencia' orange. proc. fla. state hort. soc. 114:83-88

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