Foliar sprays of potassium nitrate for flower induction in `Pahutan´ mango shoots

Already in 1978 Bondad et al. speculated that KNO3 may play a role in the induction of floral differentiation in mango (Mangifera indica L. ‘Pahutan’). In 7 out of 8 monthly trials in the Philippines, flowering of 4,75 to 12,75 months old mango shoots occurred one week after spraying 10 to 160 g/liter KNO3. Induction was 33% to 100% in 7 to 14 days. First trial started in September and in all months flowering occurred. There was a general decrease in percentage flowering of treated shoots from January to April. In contrast, natural flowering which began in February tended to increase till May. No consistent trend was observed in bud and panicle growth, but those produced by KNOspraying appeared longer than natural produced panicles.



Bondad, N. D., E.A. Blanco and E. L. Mercado. 1978. Foliar sprays of KNO3 for flower induction in `Pahutan´ mango shoots. Philippine Journal of Crop Science, 3(4): 251-255.

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