Foliar applied potassium nitrate improved Capsicum yield

This study evaluates the effects of foliar potassium nitrate applied to bell peppers (Capsicum ssp.) at a rate of 5,6 kg KNO3/ha at two week intervals from bloom to harvest. Foliar applications were made at bloom, 2 weeks later, 4 weeks later and 6 weeks later. Another treatment received applications at all four times, and an untreated check received no potassium nitrate. The test was conducted as a randomized complete block and replicated five times. Total yields were highest in the treatment that received potassium nitrate every 2 weeks for eight weeks. The untreated check produced lowest yields.



Weir, B.L. and B. Giampaoli. 2012. Effect of Foliar Applied Potassium Nitrate on Yield and Quality of Capsicum spp. 21st international pepper proceedings: 50.

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