Foliar applied potassium nitrate and urea phosphate increased soybean yield

The effect of foliar applications with potassium nitrate and urea phosphate on soybean yield was studied. Four experiments were conducted at four different locations in Argentina (Table 1). A single foliar spray was applied in the R3 growth stage (pod initials). Greatest yield was obtained with a mix of 6% potassium nitrate (7,5 kg/ha) and 2% urea phosphate (2,5 kg/ha), applied in 120 L/ha (Figure 1).

Table 1. Foliar treatment details on soybean.


Figure 1. The effect of foliar sprays on soybean yield at 4 different locations in Argentina.



Melgar, R., M.E. Camozzi, M. Torres Duggan and J. Lavandera. 2001. Evaluación de Magnum P44 y nitrato de potasio en soja. INTA, Centro Regional Buenos Aires Norte, Estación Experimental Agropecuaria Pergamino: 1-3.

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