Speedfol® Rexene® FeE13 SP - SQM Specialty Plant Nutrition
Speedfol Rexene FeE13 SP

Speedfol® Rexene® FeE13 SP

•Speedfol® Rexene® FeE13 SP is a product developed for iron deficient crops through foliar application. Foliar application is recommended when the soil is neutral to alkaline or when soil application is impossible for other reasons. 

•13 stands for the effective amount of iron of 13,1%, fully EDTA chelated.

•SP stands for Soluble Powder, with a solubility of 90 g/l (20°C).

•pH stability 1,5-6,5.

•EDTA chelation protects for losses through precipitations during tank mix preparations.

*Disponible en: Australia