Speedfol Pulses SP is a complete foliar nutrition for Leguminosae
Speedfol Pulses SP
  • Speedfol® Pulses SP has been developed for foliar applications of nutrients on Leguminosae crops like beans, lentils and peas.
  • Speedfol® Pulses SP contains an elevated level of Zn as zinc deficiency leads to reduced protein synthesis and consequently results in low crop yields. Adequate potassium levels in the plant will result in more pods per plant, more seeds per pod and greater individual seed weight.

  • Scientific research on applications with Speedfol® Pulses SP on soybean, chick pea and pigeon pea has consistently shown to increase crop development and yield in a cost-effective manner.

Información técnica
N: 10,0 %
P2O5: 8,0 %
K2O: 34,0 %
MgO: 2,1 %
SO3: 13,4 %
B: 0,205
Fe-EDTA: 0,160
Mn-EDTA: 0,064
Mo: 0,012
Zn-EDTA: 0,222
*Disponible en: United States