Speedfol® Pulses SP - SQM Specialty Plant Nutrition
Speedfol Pulses SP

•Speedfol® Pulses SP is a complete foliar nutrition for Leguminosae: peas and beans like soybean.

•Speedfol® Pulses SP is especially rich in K and Zn:

•plants not deficient in K are less susceptible to Asian Rust disease (Phakopsora pachyrhizi)

•bean crops are particularly zinc sensitive

•Increased grower´s net income through:

•yield increase:

more kg/hectare

more pods per plan

more seeds per pod

•quality improvement

crop losses reduct

Información técnica
N: 10%
P2O5: 8%
K2O: 34%
MgO: 1.0%
S: 4.5%
Fe EDTA: 0.4%
Zn EDTA: 0.3%
B: 0.3%
Mo: 0.011%
*Disponible en: United States