Speedfol® Oilseed SP - SQM Specialty Plant Nutrition
Speedfol Oilseed SP

•Speedfol® Oilseed SP is designed for application on oilseed crops like sunflower, rapeseed, soybeans, olive, mustard, flax and canola.

• Speedfol® Oilseed SP contains an elevated level of boron (B). Boron plays an essential role in pollination, fecundation, fruit initiation, fruit set and fruit retention. Potassium is essential for carbohydrate production and transport from to the seed and fruits, which translates into higher yield levels.

•Speedfol® Oilseed SP sprays are recommended to overcome specific nutrient deficiencies, which will ultimately lead to improved fruit set, yield and oil content of seeds and fruits.

Información técnica
N: 10,0%
P2O5: 14,0%
K2O: 40,0%
MgO: 0,1%
SO3: 2,8%
B: 0,200%
Cu-EDTA: 0,016%
Fe-EDTA: 0,200%
Mn-EDTA: 0,040%
Mo: 0,002%
Zn-EDTA: 0,050%
*Disponible en: United States