Speedfol® Grape SP
  • Speedfol® Grape SP has been developed for foliar spray applications on table grape.

  • lron and zinc deficiencies are common micronutrient disorders in grape, grown under alkaline conditions. Symptoms are shown as yellowing of plant leaves (chlorosis). To prevent these micronutrient deficiencies,  Speedfol® Grape SP does  contain  elevated  levels  of both EDTA-chelated iron (Fe) and zinc (Zn) to maintain healthy leaf status for maximum photosynthesis, sugars production and vine productivity.

  • Speedfol® Grape SP is targeted to boost both grape development and growth as to increase yield .
Información técnica
N: 13,0 %
P2O5: 5,0 %
K2O: 36,0 %
MgO: 2,3 %
SO3: 6,9 %
B: 0,050
Cu-EDTA: 0,030
Fe-EDTA: 0,200
Mn-EDTA: 0,040
Mo: 0,002
Zn-EDTA: 0,050
*Disponible en: United States