Speedfol® Grape SP - SQM Specialty Plant Nutrition
Speedfol Grape SP

•Speedfol® Grape SP has been developed for foliar spray applications on table grape.

•Iron and zinc deficiencies are common micronutrient disorders in grape, grown under alkaline conditions. Symptoms are shown as yellowing of plant leaves (chlorosis). To prevent the micronutrient deficiencies, Speedfol® Grape  SP does contain elevated levels of both EDTA-chelated iron (Fe) and zinc (Zn) to maintain healthy leaf status for maximum photosynthesis, sugar production and vine productivity.

•Speedfol® Grape SP  is targeted to boost both grape development and growth as to increase yield.

Información técnica
N: 13,0%
P2O5: 5,0%
K2O: 36,0%
MgO: 2,3%
SO3: 6,9%
B: 0,050%
Cu-EDTA: 0,030%
Fe-EDTA: 0,200%
Mn-EDTA: 0,040%
Mo: 0,002%
Zn-EDTA: 0,050%
*Disponible en: United States