Speedfol® Cotton SP

•Speedfol® Cotton SP increase net income through:

•Yield increase:

more kg/hectare

•Quality improvement:

boll uniformity at harvest

fiber quality (length uniformity, strength)

•Crop losses reduction:

increased fruit retention, less boll drop

reduced disease incidence (Stemphylium and Alternaria leaf spot)

•Speedfol® Cotton SP is rich in K, Mg and B, as most critical nutrients for boll formation.

Información técnica
N: 15%
P: 2.2%
K: 25.7%
Mg: 1.9%
S: 2.7
Fe EDTA: 0.102%
Mn EDTA: 0.020%
Zn EDTA: 0.010%
Cu EDTA: 0.004%
B: 0.500%
Mo: 0.001%
*Disponible en: United States