Bulldog® 30-10-10 Landscape Plus

    Bulldog® 30-10-10 Landscape Plus

    High urea formula is excellent for foliar sprays and lawn and turf spray programs.

    Potassium Nitrate, Urea, Ammonium Phosphate, Iron EDDHA, Iron EDTA, Manganese EDTA, Copper EDTA, Zinc EDTA, Boric Acid, Sodium Molybdate. F1367.

    1129 lbs calcium carbonate equivalent per ton.

    SOLUBILITY (max.):
    3 lbs per gallon in cold water. Hot water and agitation improve solubility.

    Información técnica
    Total Nitrogen (N): 30%
    Ammoniacal Nitrogen: 2.0%
    Nitrate Nitrogen: 3.0%
    Urea Nitrogen: 25.0%
    Available Phosphate (P2O5): 10%
    Soluble Potash (K2O): 10%
    Boron (B): 0.01%
    Copper (Cu): 0.01%
    Chelated Copper (Cu): 0.01%
    Iron (Fe): 0.20%
    Chelated Iron (Fe): 0.20%
    Manganese (Mn): 0.06%
    Chelated Manganese: 0.06%
    Molybdenum (Mo): 0.01%
    Zinc (Zn): 0.02%
    Chelated Zinc: 0.02%
    *Disponible en: United States