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Allganic maKro 60 – North America

Allganic® maKro 60 – North America

Allganic maKro 60 Potassium Chloride Granular 0-0-60 is OMRI listed and complies with the required standards for organic farming. It's extracted form natural saline solution in Northern Chile and it has 60% Potassium (K2O).

Allganic® maKro 60 is a rich source of natural potassium that can be applied to a wide range of crops, such as corn, wheat, rice, sugar cane, soybean, grains, etc.

Natural Potassium Chloride for Organic Farming

The role of potassium in crops
Potassium is an essential element for crops since it has a direct impact on crop quality and yield, playing a key role in more than 50 plant functions, such as:

Regular and Promotes

  • Photosynthesis (more CO2 assimilation, more sugars).
  • Opening and closing of stomata.
  • Drought resistance.


  • Transport and storage of sugars/starches from leaf to fruit/roots.
  • Higher quality.


  • The efficiency of N fertilizers.
  • Disease tolerance.
  • Frost resistance.
  • Water use efficiency (less water needed).
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