Ultrasol® wsNPKs compounds

Ultrasol® wsNPKs compounds

At SQM we are always looking for integrated Specialty Plant Nutrition solutions for the growth and development of your crops, and for the profitability of your business. Ultrasol® is a complete range of water-soluble nutritional formulas, designed to offer an integrated solution in fertigation, starting from the plant's need per phenological phase.

Ultrasol® formulae include both macro- and micronutrients, are fully water-soluble and free of chloride which contributes to an efficient nutrient absorption.

The highest efficacy will be obtained when Ultrasol® is applied in the desired amounts per phenological stage.


20-20-20 +TE

•30-10-10 +TE

•15-15-30 +TE

•12-12-36 +TE

•17-10-27 +TE

•Other formulas available

*Disponible en: United States