Ultrasol® micro Rexene® APN

    Ultrasol® micro Rexene® APN

    •The micronutrient ratio in this product is based on the average plant needs of vegetables and flowers grown on inert substrates. 

    •Also suitable to apply on sandy soils and mixed with NPK fertilizers and for foliar feeding in horticulture and agriculture.

    •Relatively high in Fe as DTPA, containing also B, Cu, Mn, Mo and Zn.

    •pH stability between 3,5-7,5.

    •E.C. 0,30 mS/cm (1g/l).

    Información técnica
    Ultrasol® micro Rexene® APN EC FERTILISERMixture of micro-nutrients: (B), (Cu), (Fe), (Mn), (Mo), (Zn).:
    Boron (B), water-soluble:: 0,5%
    Copper (Cu), water-soluble, 100% chelated by EDTA:: 0,25%
    Iron (Fe), water-soluble, 100% chelated by DTPA:: 6,0%
    Manganese (Mn), water-soluble, 100% chelated by EDTA:: 2,4%
    Molybdenum (Mo), water-soluble:: 0,25%
    Zinc (Zn), water-soluble, 100% chelated by EDTA:: 1,3%
    pH range in which a good stability of the chelated fraction is granted: 3,5 – 7,5:
    *Disponible en: United States