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Ultrasol® Magnum Phoscal

Ultrasol® Magnum Phoscal

•Ultrasol® Magnum Phoscal is a strong acidic, high analysis P, Ca and N source for fertigation in soil-grown crops.

•Thanks to its acidic action increases the nutrient availability in the soil solution, improves the nutrient uptake efficiency, and helps to prevent the blocking of irrigation systems.

•Furthermore, Ultrasol® Magnum Phoscal keeps the calcium and phosphate ions in solution, without causing an insoluble calcium phosphate precipitate.

Información técnica
Total ureic nitrogen (N): 10,0%
Total phosphorus  pentoxide (P2O5): 50,0%
Total phosphorus (P): 21,8%
Total calcium oxide content (CaO): 10,0%
Total calcium content (Ca): 7,1%
Insolubles: <0,1%
EC (1 g/l at 25°C, in mS/cm): 1,0
pH (1% solution): 2,2
pH (0,1% solution): 2,7
Form: Crystalline, odourless powder
Colour: White
*Disponible en: United States