Ultrasol® Magnum P44®

Ultrasol® Magnum P44®

•The strongest acid fertilizer in dry, crystalline form, facilitating safe and convenient handling.

•Thanks to its acidic action, Ultrasol® Magnum P44® considerably increases the absorption of nutrients from the soil.

•It is 100% water-soluble.

•Prevents blocking of irrigation systems.

Información técnica
Total ureic nitrogen content (N): 18 %
Total phosphorus content (P2O5): 44 %
Total phosphorus content (P): 19,2 %
Solubility: > 99,8 %
Moisture content: < 0,3 %
EC (1 g/l at 25°C in mS/cm): 1,51
pH of 1% solution: 1,8
pH of 0,05 % solution: 2,8
Form: Crystalline, odourless power
Color: White
*Disponible en: United States