Ultrasol® K Plus Acid - Southeast Asia - SQM Specialty Plant Nutrition
Ultrasol K Plus Acid – Southeast Asia

Ultrasol® K Plus Acid – Southeast Asia

•Acidic potassium nitrate : a pH level of 4 achieved by just 0,1% solution, for fertigation and foliar application

•Helps to prevent clogging of fertigation systems and make their cleaning easier, avoiding the use of strong acids

•Ideal for fertigation applications  :

             => Irrigation water with high levels of carbonates

             =>  soil grown crops where pH > 7.

•Ideal for foliar applications : 

    => Efficient nutrient uptake (especially in hard leaf crops like

    => Perfect for flower induction, and early flowering stimulation

Información técnica
Nitric nitrogen (NO3-): 13.9% min.
Potassium oxide (K2O): 45.0% min.
Solubility (g/l at 20°C): 316
Insolubles: <0.01%
Color: White
*Disponible en: United States