Ultrasol K Plus orange, potassium source for growing outstanding crops
Ultrasol K Plus – Sub-Saharan African countries

Ultrasol® K Plus – Sub-Saharan African countries

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Ultrasol® K Plus potassium nitrate is the ideal potassium source for growing outstanding crops with additional nitrate nitrogen for quick absorption by the plant. It’s free from chloride and mixable with all water-soluble sources. This combination makes Ultrasol® K Plus the most all-round and the most efficient water-soluble K source of its kind. 

  • Ultrasol® K Plus is very low in chloride, sodium and heavy metals.
  • It`s a free- flowing, fine crystalline powder that quickly dissolves in water.
  • Can be mixed with all water-soluble fertilizers and it`s also compatible with the majority of pesticides in foliar application.
  • Nitrate nitrogen is non-volatile and enhances the uptake of other cations (K+, Ca2+, Mg2+).
  • Ultrasol® K Plus can be used to cover the potassium needs of a crop without supplying excess of sulphate or chloride.
  • Due to its low N/K ratio, Ultrasol® K Plus is suitable for all crops and growth stages, including flowering and ripening stages.
Información técnica
Potasio (K): 38% (min.)
Cloruro (Cl): < 0,6%
Solubilidad (g/l a 20°C): 316
Insolubles: < 0,1%
pH (solución al 5%): 8 - 10
Forma: Cristalino e inoloro
Color: Blanco
Oxido de Potasio (K2O): 46,3% (min.)
Nitrógeno nítrico (N - NO3): 13% (min.)
*Disponible en: United States