Speedfol® Olive SP

•Speedfol® Olive SP is a complete foliar nutrition for olive trees starting from flowering till harvest. 

•Increased grower´s net income through:

•yield increase:

especially in the “off” year

more kg/hectare

more fruits per tree

larger sized fruits

•quality improvement:

increased oil content

increased pulp/pit ratio

•crop losses reduction: 

increased fruit retention

less flower and fruit drop

Información técnica
N: 14%
P: 2.2%
K: 23.1%
Mg: 1.2%
S: 3.7%
Fe: 0.041%
Mn: 0.041%
Zn: 0.021%
Cu: 0.020%
B: 2.058%
Mo: 0.001%
*Disponible en: United States