Speedfol® Oilseed SP

•Speedfol® Oilseed SP improves fruit set and yield and has positive effect on oil content of seeds.

•Speedfol® Oilseed SP is enriched with boron (B) which prevent flower and fruit abortion. Apart from B, the formula is completed with chelated cupper (Cu), iron (Fe), manganese (Mn), zinc (Zn) and with molybdenum (Mo).

•Oilseed crops (sunflower, rapeseed, soybeans, olive, mustard, flax, canola,…) are high nutrient demanding plants. Their growth peak is concentrated between the 5-leaf stage and before 50% of flowering. Speedfol® Oilseed SP 10-6-33+TE provides the essential and sufficient amount of balanced nutrients during these periods.

Información técnica
N: 10%
P: 6.1%
K: 33.2%
Fe: 0.2%
Mn: 0.04%
Zn: 0.05%
Cu: 0.016%
B: 0.2%
Mo: 0.002%
*Disponible en: United States