Speedfol® Cereal SP

• Speedfol® Cereal SP can be applied for all types of cereals such as wheat, barley, corn, maize, triticale, oat, barley, sorghum, millet and rice.

• Adequate potassium levels build stronger plants, which are less susceptible to lodging, abiotic and biotic stress.

• Foliar application with Speedfol®  Cereal SP is the perfect tool to boost grain yield and quality. Applications with Speedfol® Cereal SP revitalise crops during and after periods of stress such as unfavorable weather conditions.

Información técnica
N: 13,0 %
P2O5: 6,0 %
K2O: 39,0 %
MgO: 0,6 %
SO3: 5,6 %
B: 0,020
Cu-EDTA: 0,003
Fe-EDTA: 0,100
Mn-EDTA: 0,020
Mo: 0,001
Zn-EDTA: 0,025
*Disponible en: United States