Qrop® CR

    Qrop® CR is a polymer-coated Controlled Release prilled water-soluble potassium nitrate. Qrop® CR is covered by a superior polymer coating agent, which guarantees a consistent, safe and controlled nutrient release pattern under a wide range of soil temperatures.

    The main advantages and benefits of Qrop® CR are:

    • Improved nutrient use efficiency and crop safety.
    • Lower nutrient input costs and application costs.
    • Environmentally friendly, as its use reduces the risk of nutrient run-off, ground and surface water pollution, and algae bloom in coastal areas.
    • No premature or “flash” release of nutrients at higher soil temperatures (> 70 °F), which may lead to plant burning, early nutrient depletion, and an increased risk of nutrient leaching.
    • Qrop® CR has a thin and pliable coating layer: no cracks or breaks will appear during handling and mixing.

    Qrop® CR is part of SQM´s Specialty Plant Nutrition product portfolio, which is powered by The Element Q, the exclusive warranty seal that boosts the yield of your crops and optimizes the profitability of your business. 

    *Disponible en: United States