Ultrasol®ution K is the newest potassium nitrate innovation
Ultrasolution K

Ultrasol®ution K 3-0-10 is SQM's newest potassium nitrate innovation developed in response to the needs of the liquid fertilizer market, offering a superior, all-in-one source of chloride-free potassium and nitrate-nitrogen.

Its crystal clear solution and compatibility with most other fertilizers and pesticides, makes Ultrasol®ution K 3-0-10 an ideal source for liquid blending or tank mixing in the field.

Informacje techniczne
Ultrasol®ution K 3-0-10 Liquid Potassium Nitrate Characteristics / Typical:
Total of nitrate nitrogen: 3.0% (as 100% NO3-)
Potassium expressed as K2O: 10% (8.3% K)
Physical appearance: Clear solution
* Dostępne w: United States