Speedfol® Grape SP - SQM Specialty Plant Nutrition
Speedfol Grape SP

•Speedfol® Grape SP can be used for all grape varieties: wine grapes, table grapes and grapes for drying purposes.

•Speedfol® Grape SP is developed to boost both grape development and growth as to stimulate production.

•A complete set of six micronutrients corresponds the nutritional need of grapes.

•Speedfol® Grape SP is relatively rich in Fe (strengthens leaf, development vine productivity and sugar content) and Zn (ensures good shoot growth and eventual fruit fill, maximizes healthy berry development and grape sugars).

•Before flowering, Speedfol® Grape SP will stimulate pollen fertility and flowering. In later stages, it will boost the yield and quality of the harvest.

Información técnica
N: 13%
P: 2.2%
K: 29.9%
Mg: 1.3%
Fe: 0.2%
Mn: 0.04%
Zn: 0.05%
Cu: 0.03%
B: 0.05%
Mo: 0.002%
*Disponible en: Australia