Contributing to a sustainable Agriculture

Contributing to a sustainable Agriculture

We are global and we care about each market. We are committed every day to contribute to a sustainable agriculture. With a high level of technical agronomic knowledge and the availability of resources of natural origin, we deliver a premium product portfolio for sustainable, high yield and efficiency crops.

Efficiency in water use

Environmental goals

Solutions of natural origin

lnternational technical expertise

Water use efficiency

SQM's potassium nitrate contributes to a more efficient use of water. High supply of nitrates in the nutrient solution reduces the absorption of chloride, avoiding the use of additional irrigation to remove salinity from the soil Regulates the opening and closing of stomata, resulting in less need for water per kg of plant biomass The correct nutrition of the crop allows the plant to absorb the nutrients properly, thus using the minimum amount of water required by the plant.

How does potassium nitrate improve water use efficiency?

Improves plant's water management:

Nitrate-fed plants utilize water twice as efficient as ammonium-fed plants.

Prevents water loss:

Potassium is responsible for opening and closing of stomata. Adequate potassium supply optimizes plant transpiration and reduces its water requirement.

Increases water uptake efficiency:

Adequate potassium nutrition of the plant enhances its water sourcing efficiency from the soil.

Prevents undesirable salinization of the root zone:

Application of potassium nitrate as main K-source eliminates the need for additional irrigation to remove undesirable salts from the root zone.

Environmental goals

SQM developed a sustainability plan created based on the United Nations Sustainable Development goals, which aim to guarantee our commitment to the environment and sustainable development of our operations.

Our commitments

    Reduce brine extraction in the Salar de Atacama by 50% by 2030
    Reduce use of continental water by 40% in 2030, and 65% in 2040
    We aspire to be carbon neutral in all our products by 2040
    Reduce waste and continuous improvement of online monitoring systems of production processes

Natural origin solutions

SQM's products are from natural origin. They are produced from Caliche Ore and Salar Brines, two natural resources found in the Atacama Desert in northern Chile. In addition, 90% of the energy used in the production process comes from the sun.

    ·SQM has approximately 4,000 hectares of solar evaporation ponds, allowing it to take advantage of significant amounts of energy.
    ·This method is only possible because the Atacama Desert has extremely high levels of solar radiation, which results in high evaporation rates and facilitates the process of concentration of salts in ponds throughout the year.
    ·All production processes have environmental impact studies and public access of online monitoring.

International expertise and high reporting standards

By 2030, we aspire to be publicly associated with the world’s green industries and, in consequence, we have advanced in pursuit of this transformation in sustainability through some of the following initiatives:

    Self-assessment process in responsible mining standard IRMA (Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance)
    SQM qualified for Dow Jones Sustainability Index Chile in position number 5 and Dow Jones Index MILA Pacific Alliance
    IFA (International Fertilizer Industry Association) Certification Protect & Sustain program: Product Stewardship
    Diagnostic process with CDP, organization that qualifies companies to encourage environmental actions
    Entering Cool Farm Alliance, brings together farmers, NGOs and multinational food suppliers to promote agricultural practices that mitigate GHG emissions.