Ultrasol® and Speedfol® in processing tomato increased net farmer income with 1.050 US$/ha

SQMC (Soquimich Comercial) initiated a 3 years trial work with Agrozzi - the biggest tomato processing company in Chile - in order to increase the yield of processing tomato by testing different irrigation systems with respect to the water supply, extraction curves and fertilization programmes" reports Claudio Valdes, Agronomic Engineer, M.Sc. at SQMC.

During the 2006-2007 season, SQMC's Specialty Plant Nutrition programme with Ultrasol® and Speedfol™ products (Tables 1 and 2) was compared to the traditional farmer's programme. The trial was carried out in the area of Sagrada Familia, Curicó. Each trial plot consisted of one hectare with 35.000 plants (1,4 * 0,2 m²/parcel). The plots were harvested and analyzed by Agrozzi. Statistical analysis was done with ANOVA, LSD at <0,05.

Table 1. SQMC soil applications.

Table 2. SQMC foliar applications.

The yield was increased with 32% (25 MT/ha) when Ultrasol® products were used as compared to the farmer programme. The addition of Speedfol™ to the Ultrasol® programme added another 7 MT/ha as compared to the Ultrasol® programme (Table 3).

The highest average fruit weight was obtained when applying a combination of Ultrasol® and Speedfol™ (Table 4).

The addition of Ultrasol® applications resulted in a higher percentage of mature fruits (Table 5).

The Ultrasol® programme increased the farmer's net income with 656 US$ per ha. The programme in which both Ultrasol® and Speedfol™ were applied performed even better: the farmer's net income increased with 1.054 US$/ha (Table 6).

Table 3.

Table 4.

Table 5.

Table 6.

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