Potassium nitrate sprays for enhanced growth and quality of cashewnut

In this research the effect of foliar application of 3% urea and 2% KNO3 applied together with insecticides was studied. These foliar sprays had significant effect on growth, yield contributing characters, fruit set and fruit retention of cashewnut. The highest nut yield was obtained with 3% urea spray at new vegetative growth, flowering stage and at seed setting stage, but the highest average nut weight was observed with 2% KNO3. The highest protein content in the nuts was found for a 2% foliar spray with KNO3.


Palsande, V. N., D.J. Dabke, M.C. Kasture, N.H. Khobragade and S.D. Patil. 2013. Effect of urea, potassium nitrate and insecticides through foliar application on growth, yield and quality of cashewnut. BIOINFOLET-A Quarterly Journal of Life Sciences, 10(1b): 347-349.

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