A model for potassium nitrate-induced flowering of ‘Carabao’ mango

  • It is generally accepted that nitrate salt application stimulates bud break. Presumably, there is a threshold for nitrogen concentration that, if exceeded, will allow the plant to flower
  • Potassium nitrate probably acts by elevating nitrogen levels over a nitrogen threshold thereby synchronizing bud break from apices with existing floral initials. The signaling process is probably mediated by polyamines or ethylene.
  • In addition, the role of potassium nitrate is related to increased production and translocation of sugars to the bud.
  • General recommendation: 3 to 4 weekly sprays with potassium nitrate (3-4% w/v) to affect general terminal bud development, and to ensure intense and even flowering.



Protacio, C. M. 1999. A model for potassium nitrate-induced flowering in mango. Acta Horticulturae VI International Symposium on Mango 509: 545-552.

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